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How long are volunteer trips?
What does a typical Volunteer trip itinerary look like?
What skills are needed? I have never used a hammer?
What is being a volunteer like?
What currency does Cambodia use?
What do you have to pay for?
How do I book my accommodation?
How much are the airfares?
Do Volunteers need to make a donation towards the houses and other projects?
What if I can’t raise the $2,000 donation?
How do I enroll on a team?
Is there any age limit for volunteering?
Do volunteers need travel insurance?
What if I have a health issue? Can I still Volunteer?
I have a food allergy, will it be a problem?
What do I need to prepare? What do I bring?
What is the impact of building a house on a family? Why not just donate a house?
Does Helping Foundation have any admin fees?

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