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The July 2024 trip is shaping up to be a big one!

Planning for the July 2024 trip is now well advanced with a revised itinerary based on feedback from the first trip that promises so many experiences and wonderful moments.

This Volunteer Experience will help you understand Cambodian History and how it affects the Cambodian people today. You will learn about Cambodian Culture, with its base in Buddhism, and see and experience the incredible work being done by several NGOs to help poor Cambodians help themselves out of poverty.

20 July on Saturday you arrive in Siem Reap and join the rest of the team at Amber Angkor Villa Hotel. That night we will have dinner at the hotel and be briefed on the week ahead.

21 July on Sunday we will visit Angkor Wat (one of the wonders of the world) to gain an understanding of the ancient history of Cambodia and the routes of Cambodian culture. We will visit Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple, and Ta Prohm followed by a house building briefing by VBC.

22 July on Monday in the morning we have Day One of the VBC house build. After lunch at New Hope (an organisation working to give free education and employment to Cambodian children and youth) we will Visit the Wat Thmey temple to gain an understanding of the horrors of the Pol Pot era and the impact that this period still has on the Cambodian culture today.

23 July on Tuesday in the morning we have Day Two of the VBC house build. After lunch, we will visit Apopo Centre and War Museum. At Apopo you will learn how Cambodia became one of the most land mine affected countries in the world. You will experience the realities of the humanitarian demining and how rats are trained to save lives. And also learn about land mines and witness a live demonstration of land mine clearing. Later we will visit the war museum to learn about the civil war that impacted Cambodians for 20 years before it ended in 1998.

24 July on Wednesday in the morning we have Day Three of the VBC house build. In the afternoon we will visit the Cows for Cambodia project to understand how they are loaning cows to poor Cambodian families to help them out of poverty. We will also meet the families our group will be giving cows to and learning about their plans for the future.

25 July on Thursday in the morning we have Day Four of the VBC house build. In the afternoon we will visit the first NGO (charity) in Cambodia, Krousar Thmey Long Term Centre. We will meet and have lunch with Children who have no known living relatives. Most of these children have been returned to Cambodia after being rescued in Thailand. You will be able to help hand out a special gift to each of the children.

26 July on Friday is a special day that will remain in your memory as we hand over the new houses you have helped build to the families. You will also receive a special water blessing from the Buddists Monks and finish the day with our final Group Dinner.

27 July on Saturday we check out of the Hotel and depart for our flight home.

Thanks, everyone for your amazing generosity, and looking forward to seeing all the volunteers that have put their hand up for the July 2024 trip.